Rain and breeding

I had a boy tell me that we should “breed” on Friday night. This is unsettling. He did buy all of my drinks. But that is hardly any reason to believe that there will be children in the future. I mean, I am positive that someone will have children, it just won’t be me. Not with him, and not in the near future. Also, I think he may have been a little on the disturbed side. He did happen to read good books and have pretty fair taste in music from what I could tell…BUT, he was a tad…off. I really don’t know why boys like this find ME out of all the girls in the bar. Or anywhere for that matter. I could be at the gynecologist and some freak would find me. Now I am sitting here, actually trying to remember if that has happened.

Thursday night, I spoke with Ricky. He called to tell me that Jorgie’s mom had called to tell him that Jorge was killed a few weeks ago in a car accident. It is really sad. I feel really terrible for Ricky. I didn’t know Jorge all that well. Just from him tagging along with Ricky. I do have a lot of fond memories of him though, and he had just moved a few months ago. I do remember the trip to Savannah and Jorge waking up in the middle of the night, with Ricky’s foot pressing hard against his face, and then he couldn’t go back to sleep so he slept in the car. And I remember his insisting on applying my lip gloss. And the time he passed out in my driveway. That was a good one. I dunno…strange.

I had a dream about Randular last night. It kind of made me miss him. I don’t really think about him that often unless we talk or I see Lil’ John on television. The dream was weird though, there was a lot of cooking…and some kissing. And he had a stomach like Usher. What more can you ask for? Really?!

If it doesn’t stop raining soon, I will drown myself in the puddle outside my house. It is big enough to jet ski.

A song called Georgie Porgey just came on LAUCHcast…that is odd. Who writes shit like that?

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