I got a raise yesterday for no reason. I love that. Actually, they changed my pay grade, so I just got it by default. I love default.

I am cranky today. I don’t want to be at work and right now I am stuck in my office with only Boy and Newbie (the guy who started yesterday) and they are talking about football. I hate that. I am in such a bad mood that I don’t even feel like flirting with Boy. And he is trying to talk to me, and I have nothing to say.

Newbie is getting on my nerves too. But I think it is just because he is male. Anyone with a penis is most likely going to irritate me today. So, if you have one, and you want to keep it, steer clear of the Crittle.

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mike said...

Congratulations on the pay rise, are you going to spend it on something nice.
Don't take it out on newbie he's probably just nervous.