Today has proved to be pretty unproductive. This morning I spoke with Sean on the way in to work. Which always does one of two things: makes me mad at him for moving away or makes me miss him terribly and think about him all day.

Today, the result of the phone call was the latter. So…I decided that I would not crush on Boy and that I would accept that I should just get off of my ass and admit that I should be with Sean. Well, that worked for…about one hour. And then Boy came in. and of course he was cute. And of course he had Columbian coffee. And of course that made him cuter than on regular days.

So, now it is one and I am drinking Columbian coffee and relishing in the fact that he sent me a funny email today for no reason other than that he “thought you would like this ;) “ He did the email wink…that’s right. I am neurotic and silly but I am allowed. It has been a long time and for the moment, it is taking my mind off of the big disaster that I call home.

Something about the HERE-ness of Boy gives him the edge even over Sean. Sean who made me laugh the whole way to the office this morning. Sean who says cute things to make me giggle. Sean who lives in Washington. Yeah, that Sean. I could kick him.

For those of you who…aren’t Brandy (because she has had to read things like this for years)…this is how my head works…and besides that, for the record, I don’t use the email wink unless I really mean it.

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