I feel like I could explode. I have been going from annoyance, to sadness, to exhaustion all weekend. And now, I think I might be taking a slight detour to elated.

In my seemingly perpetual antisocial state as of late, I have been fairly content. And then, something fantastic happened. On Saturday, I ran into a friend whom I often think about when I step inside a hotel room or when I see a spider or even when I think about Vikings (which sounds silly, but happens often, being that I am of Norwegian descent and have every intention of someday pillaging villages with Alex).

I was watching Mofro play their last song at the Blues Festival at the beach and I saw him. Looking exactly the same. That all to common feeling of dread (the one that I have been having about seeing anyone I know since this silly little hermit vibe kicked in) took over my body but I said his name quietly anyway and pointed so that Tiff could see. She shouted to him and when he turned, I remembered his face just like the night we played Tetris in the apartment o’ debauchery and he called me “Drunky Brewster”

It is truly a lovely thing to see someone that you share so much past with. There are slices of my mind that exist only to hold our conversations and silliness. And I am happy to reminisce.

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