Things, they are a’changin’.

Yesterday afternoon, Tiff and I loaded the last of our apartment into my Volvo and prepared to drive away forever. I stood outside in the driveway looking up at my old bedroom window. I stood there for a long time, until I heard the clop of Tiff’s flip-flops coming down the stairs. I quickly turned and headed towards the car. God forbid I lose my cool in front of her now. After I was so strong on Saturday when she couldn’t hold in the tears.

But as we drove down the street that took us away, block after block, the sadness crept in. Neither of us spoke for several minutes. The only sounds were occasional sniffles and Weezer in the background.

And now she’s gone.

On a lighter note though, after four full days of moving, the new place is coming together, slowly but surely. Casper and I had a good day yesterday. Our first one as roommates, which was not disrupted by stress or other people. We hung pictures and talked about religion. I am sure that things will be fine. She is pretty cool. For a girl.

Can someone please put Mariah Carey out of her pathetic, slutty misery? Please?

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