Pimpin' Ain't Easy

One would think that with the amount of free time I have had, that I would keep my blog updated…but I have been sick and sleeping and am now on day number three. I am not allowed to go back to work until Friday.

But at least the weekend was good. Full of cute boys and staying up until 6 am. Tiff and I got to spend Sunday with the sun and the reggae and the boys. I met a really cute one, who is probably entirely too young for me, but really cute nonetheless. Gotta love that. I am considering calling him when my illness has subsided. Because there is definitely something to be said for cuddling on the couch. I had almost forgotten about that. I know one thing though, my shampoo has never had quite this effect on anyone before.

The day started out dreary and soggy and has turned into something quite nice. If I felt better I would brave the outside world. Unfortunately, standing up for more than three minutes at a time is exhausting. Although, the aching in my bones is slowly going away. I hope that by the end of tomorrow, I will be somewhat back to normal.

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themachineghost said...

awww sorry you are sick!! sounds bad! definitely relax and drink plenty of fluids and all that stuff. avoid daytime TV.
man, pimpin' AIN'T easy, for real!!