But people call me Georgie...

First…I have to say happy birthday to my favorite Idiot and my favorite Pookie. You’re both older than me. Ha.

I am currently preparing for the birthday festivities. Well, the second round of birthday activities. The first round was unplanned and took place last night. Pookie and I headed out to 5 Points for “a drink” which turned into several unnamed shooters containing whiskey (surprisingly, not at all as scary as I had anticipated) and a very late night. But I made it to work on time, groggy and barely functional. I was greeted with a singing balloon that is quite possibly the most obnoxious item I have ever received (Thoughtful, yes. Annoying, oh god yes.), a singing bear, and several cards, which I suspect were made specifically for me.

It was a nice day, complete with a free (extra long) lunch at PF Chang’s from the physician that I work for and an early departure that left time for a much needed nap. Good times.

In other news, I have neglected to mention how kick ass my new camera is. I am tempted to bring it everywhere with me and stare at it all day. I don’t think that I have ever owned something that I love so much. ZH is either completely insane or he just has a lot more money than I thought. I fully intend to take lots of pictures of the birthday drunkenness tonight. (Stay tuned.)

Conversation from Birthday Festivities Part One:
This guy’s brother had been following the five of us girls around for about two hours at this point. At one point he almost set himself on fire. And I thought, until speaking to him, Random Sober Dude was normal.

Random Sober Dude: Sorry about my brother. He is wasted.
Me: Yeah, I see that.
RSD: I am getting engaged this week.
Me: Ummm…well…Good for you! We’re gonna get going. Nice meeting you.
RSD: Okay, will you guys take a picture with my brother?
Me: Uhhh…Okay?
Picture is taken. (WTF? Do people typically want to take pictures with strangers?)
Me: Okay. Nice meeting you. Congratulations on your engagement!
The Brother: Congratulations on your HOT ASS.

Seriously, this is the whole conversation. There are several things about it that I don’t get. First, why is this guy announcing to strangers that he is getting engaged. I was paying my tab, I wasn’t trying to get his life story. He just happened to be standing next to me. Then, the picture. Seriously, I told the guys that my name was Georgette (don’t ask me, I don’t know where that came from) and spent most of the night running away from them. What are they going to tell people when they show those pictures? “This is Georgette. She was hanging out with a drunk girl named Grace (Pookie) and they ran away from us all night.” I don’t get it.

What I did find to be disgusting but hilarious was TB’s comment at the end. Normally, I would have wanted to punch him. But something about the amount of spit that came out when he said it and the difficulty he had forming the sentence, it was probably the funniest thing that anyone said all night. Thanks, dude. You gave me lots to laugh at.


the idiot said...

"Kick ass new camera"?

What about the bacon?!

spaceface said...

When I wrote this, I didn't even KNOW about the bacon yet! Sheeeesh.