Beer or Bed?

Oh, St. Patrick's Day...

And I still haven't made any plans. Invitations to places I have no desire to go have been extended. People have tried to lure me in with promises of green beer and debauchery. All have failed. Well...not really failed, I still might partake in some debauchery, I just haven't decided yet where, or with whom. Maybe I will make my own green beer and curl up in my bed with something to read.

Okay...stop...read that again. Who said that? Surely that wasn't Crizzle who just said she would spend St. Patty's Day in bed with a book. That bitch is getting old.

The thing is, I don't want to go to the Irish Pubs, because they will be stupid crowded and crammed full of frat boys and underage, fake-breasted hoochies. Oh, yeah, I think I could do without that. That, and I really don't want to leave smelling like that empty beer bottle that everyone started throwing their cigarette butts into. And I say that, but if I had the opportunity and the money, I would totally ride out to Savannah for the same type of thing right after work. I guess the frat boy/hoochie:regular people ratio is better there. (You know, and you can walk around with green beer anywhere you go.)

I was looking on line for a photo of some clover, so that I could post it here…and once I saved it (which I never do from my work computer), I came across some other photos that I have saved. One struck me as odd.

Can someone please explain to me why in the holy hell I would save this picture to my hard drive? Anyone?

At any rate, I would be willing to bet money that it originated from Ricky (who not so secretly has a raging crush on Mr. Knight Rider himself ever since that night he met him at Lynch's. It's okay Ricky, you can tell everyone about my crush on Tom Selleck.)

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