Lederhosen, Grand Theft Auto, and Knitting (not in that order...)

This is possibly the first Thursday in a long time where I haven’t felt like I could strangle someone at the end of the day. It actually turned out to be very busy, but quite calm. Not too many crazies or whiney docs. Not too much bitching from coworkers. All in all, I left with a pretty good feeling about the day. I accomplished a lot. And not only that, but it went by with almost no bumps in the road. That almost never happens. That said, I am sure that since I am expecting tomorrow to be an easy day, it will be hell.

I am feeling like doing something. But not like, running a marathon (oh God no…), something expressive. Something…new. I have been joking about the idea of taking up knitting. And yeah, it sounds cheesy and silly…but the truth is, I can’t draw or paint, my writing is coming out in spurts of randomness that I can’t even decode, and I have no musical ability (aside from the mastery of the mix CD) which leaves my beautiful guitar waiting and waiting, so I am seriously thinking about trying my hand at it. I just want to make a scarf. Actually, I want to make a blanket. A magic one. One that someone, someday can’t go on trips without.

I swear I must have ADD though, because every time I even look at something with all of those words that don’t make sense, instead of trying to figure them out, I just find something else to do…Like clean out my amazon.com wishlist (which, by the way, is ridiculous and huge).

I am not bored, really, just antsy as hell. And I can’t figure out why. I have been helping a friend plan a wedding on a budget and things are turning out really well. I am actually going to attempt helping to make a wedding cake (I know, I will make sure I don’t burn the house down…but cut me some slack, I am trying to help), but I think I might end up trying a million times and then giving her my entire savings account and running away flailing my arms and screaming. I don’t even like weddings. And I most likely, will not even attend it. But seriously, she needs help and I feel…well…happy to be able to do what I can. I should be effing sainted. (I vaguely remember being knighted last week…Hmmm…)

Pookie’s car was stolen…AGAIN…from the front of her house and found only a street over from the last time. I tried to convince her that a sign that says, “Dear Fucker, Stop stealing my car.” Wouldn’t really help, so now she is just running outside seven times during the night to check and see if it is still there. For those of you who have lost count, that is twice that her car has been stolen in three weeks. She said that if it weren’t happening to her, she wouldn’t believe it…unless it was happening to me. Just for the record though, if anyone steals Lucy once, they will be drawn and quartered.

I had a conversation early this morning that included the sentence, “I can pour myself into some sexy lederhosen for you.” And that, my friends, is the rockinest sentence uttered in a long time. The words sexy and lederhosen do not go together…(No offense to any of you who might be sporting some at this very moment…) It’s just fact, dude, accept it.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Transatlanticism" DCFC

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soopadoopachaloopa said...

the words sexy and leiderhosen may not go together but the idea of sexy and leiderhosen do... it's like content vs form... obvi.