Thing Two in Da Hizzy, yo!

Well, yesterday was my last day in hell. I spent it training the poor girl who plans to take my position. She won't be able to transfer for another month, so I don't really know what the point was, but whatever. It is over now. I tried to pretend that I was sad to go and did even get a little choked up when I went out to say good bye to office boy and M, but it didn't last long. I drove home smiling and telling JGJ all about it. It was fantastic.

Today, I drove the whopping 7 minutes to my new job and talked to my new, awesome, not at all bitchy supervisor for an hour, read a magazine until my trainer and the other trainees came in, and then went over some manuals. It was pretty boring but the training was pretty minimal. In fact, this afternoon, I actually got started. I was told it will be three months at the most before I can work from home but I don't care. The office is laid-back and easy to handle and QUIET...and I don't even have a fucking phone on my desk...(Thank you, CHEESUS!)

The only thing that kind of sucked was that I didn't get to do my normal morning blog surfing or checking of the myspace so I had to wait until I got home to get this:

So hows the first day of wearing pajama's allday? Congrats to your last day of hell and hatred. I wrote you a little ryhme to celebrate. It goes a little something like this.
No more going to the office in the morning.
Instead you stay in bed late, still snoring.
No more going in the rain when its pouring.
You'll be at home playing video games scoring.
Now you don't have to put up with any body's shit,
Because obviously you weren't too legit to quit.
No more deodarant to cover up your smelly pit,
because you work at home and you can smell like shit.
Just take this little advice,
do your work, and roll up your sleaves like miami vice,
I know this ryhme is chessier than chessus christ,
but my jingle has to pop like crispy rice.
So again congrats on your new job,
Just because you dont have to go to work,
doesn't mean you have to look like a slob.

Peace ass word to the down under mother fuckers that be rockin my shit....... Biatch! Jay-Osh
Once you go josh the competition is squashed!

Yet another poem! I have inspired TWO...count 'em...TWO poems this month! YES! Thanks, Thing Two! (I corrected some of the grammatical errors because...well...it is what I do...and now I get PAID to do it, bitches! Woot!)

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