World Wide...

Thanks to JGJ...

Yeah, that's right...the Criz has gone World Wide, bitches!

In other news...I have had a headache from hell all day. Nagging, pounding, kind of like an icepick. Its been fun. Really. And I should be sleeping. But something about coming straight home from work and going to sleep makes me want to cry. Because then I miss the good part of the day. You know, the part where I am not chained to my desk like some sort of administrative slave. I hate that part. And seriously, it has been in the 80's all week and the sun has been shining and just screaming for me to ditch and go and sit on the beach with a good book and feel the sand between my toes. Something tells me though, that would be frowned upon in the eyes of "the man".

Oh well...tomorrow is Wednesday. Which means that the shit is half over and then I can skip a bachelorette party and possibly take part in some green beer action. Its a shame about only being able to have green beer once a year. Beer should always be green. Anyway, I haven't made any definite plans yet...which kind of bothers me...because I always have plans for St. Patty's...although...nothing ever goes just as planned.

Last year, I just went to happy hour...and then won an iPod...The year before that, I went to Savannah, got really hammered, watched Jay stop a race war, got molested by a kilt-sporting B, and made out with a redhead. Oh yeah...good times.

Where's the party at, ya'll? Holla.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Possibly Maybe" - Bjork


soopadoopachaloopa said...

damn, that is one sporty logo... how can i get one?!
plans for the pat of saints, now that's a good idea, i should get on that... oh yeah, holla!

robmacca said...

I love Bjork!