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Well, I made it through Monday and I only had to deal with about seven crazies today. Dealing with crazy people is about 90% of my job. And it isn’t like in my last position where I had to babysit them in the Psych Department, now it is just, they want to call me all day and cry because they can’t get out of their bathtub or because their husbands are refusing to wear clothing. Things that I can do nothing about. Things that they should take up with a shrink. Not their doctor’s secretary. I can say though, there is never a dull moment in my office. Between the middle aged white lady rapper, the crazies, and the doctor who can’t figure out how to get a pen (IN AN OFFICE FULL OF PENS) without assistance, I am pretty busy these days. Busy and completely out of my mind by the end of the day.

So in order to celebrate the end of Monday, I bought a bottle of white wine, put my pajamas on, poured a glass and put on my new super cute shoes to break them in so that I don’t hate them tomorrow when I wear them to work. You don’t have to tell me how exciting my life is, I know already.

There has been a lot of chaos over the last couple of weeks and for some reason, when I have a lot to say, it never makes its way here. Again, I am sorry, internet. There have been reunions and questions and “power hours” and talk of the psycho rapist ex of mine, and even a fantastic Ben Harper show. But it has all been too much all at once. So I will try to give you the rundown.

I had drinks with a guy I had only seen once in the last eight years or so. The one that introduced me to the psycho rapist ex-boyfriend and then immediately regretted it. The one that I used to get high with about 3 times a day for a few years in high school. One that I never expected to hang out with again. But it was a good time. And when he wanted to play pool and I agreed, I immediately thought of how much anxiety there is in the game of pool for me. (Don’t ask, I am very neurotic about very strange things.) So, he said he would try and show me. It went like this. I got a ball in on the first try.

Me: Jumping up and down.
Him: “See? You can play.”
Me: “That will be the only time that happens.”
Him: Shakes head.
Me: Trying to take another shot. “OUCH!”
Him: Looking at my hand. “Did you get a splinter? How does someone get a splinter from a pool stick?
Me: “DUDE. A DEAD GUY hit me with a CAR.”
Him: “Oh…Right.” Laughing.

All in all, it was a good time. A little weird and sometimes a little too reminiscent of the olden days, but not bad. And I am certain that we could hang out again without any real issues. As long as he stays off the topic of restraining orders, the psycho rapist ex (who is now a preacher…oh yeah. Good stuff.), and all things “I used to have a crush on you” related, I think we will be okay.

The Ben show was fucking spectacular. I have to say, I miss seeing him outside in an amphitheater with the sun beating on my back and dancing around like a big hippie, but shit happens. And he still puts on a good show. Scratch that, not good, fantastic. And I didn’t even punch the guy who was practically standing on TOP of me during the encore. I just jumped up and down on his feet during Ben’s version of “Pressure Drop” and that made me feel a little better. But still not as good as elbowing the drunk chick square in her back made me feel. I get a little hostile when people are stupid at concerts. There is such a thing as personal space. There is such a thing as me, who pays good money to see Ben every time he is in my vicinity and would like to enjoy the effing show without being nearly knocked over every time the drunk bitch next to me starts swerving a little. If it had been her seat, fine. I could deal with that (for a minute), but the bitch SHOULD have been in the drunk bitch section where she belonged. I don’t fuck around when it comes to Ben. Don’t make me cut you.

Other stuff’s been going on…stuff that my outlet for is a little more personal. Well, a lot more personal. And one day, internet, I might share it with you…but for now…peace out.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Vernie" - Blind Melon

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