Front Porch Soul

I don’t like to write about concerts I’ve attended because I can never really do them justice. Because “talking about music is like dancing about architecture”. But I saw a show the other night that honestly made me wanna grab a bottle of Jack, sit on a porch somewhere while the sun was setting, bang my foot and play the harmonica. There are problems with this of course, since I hate Jack and don’t have a porch or a harmonica. But…whatever.

We went to the House of Blues in Orlando to see Mofro (again) and I have to say that it was quite possibly the best Mofro show I have seen yet.

The opening band was The Legendary JC’s whose lead singer was a stick of a man with more energy than Mick Jagger (and I assure you, the last time I saw Mick in concert, I really thought he might burst into flames at any moment) and a voice with so much soul, you had no choice but to feel it. Bask in it, even.

The crowd was diverse and filled with older men with dirty fingernails and scruffy faces, high school kids who barely looked old enough to leave the house alone, and I even saw some very impressive dread locks. It didn’t seem to matter. All that seemed to matter at all was the power of JJ’s voice and the overall good feeling that seemed to come over everyone there. And it was unlike any show I’d seen in a long time and like and unlike any Mofro show I’d ever seen.

It felt like a union. Of hearts and voices and minds all there to attain one simple goal. “Front Porch Soul”.

In itself, the entire show was amazing, but the very last moments blew me away. JJ brought Andrew (from Greyhounds) out along with the singer from The Legendary JC’s for a jam session that made the crowd go wild. And by wild, I mean abso-fucking-lutely crazy. By that time, we were standing in the back of the venue and got a chance to watch everything from a totally different angle. The heads bobbing. The hippies in the aisles bouncing and spinning. The overall goodness.

Get some of the goodness.

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soopadoopachaloopa said...

i don't think enough people bask... i'm glad i do. that was some kind of kick ass, NAY! it kicked you in the gut jumped up and landed in a split on your soul and slid up only to wipe dry a glistening forehead. yeah, it was that fuckin good.