Letter to Pandora


Thank you for providing me with tunes in my time of need. And by “time of need”, I mean during the past two weeks when my Launch went on strike. You have played for me a mix of music which was both surprising and, for the most part, pleasant. I will forgive you for playing Garth Brooks and “The Nuge”. Hell, I can even forgive you for the constant John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen.

But this, Pandora, THIS I cannot forgive.

Today, while enjoying an awesome stream of music in which I did not have to touch the “I don’t like this” button once, in sneaks a song so horrible, so painful to hear, that I went on “Mission Launch” to escape.

Yes, Pandora, you played “The Only Thing that Looks Good on me is You”. That’s a very bad Bryan Adams song, Pandora. I think you might remember him from the days of “Straight from the Heart” and “Summer of 69”. But those days are gone. Those days have slipped through the cracks of time and left us with this…this…old, wrinkled Rod Stewart clone who calls himself by the same name. For this, Pandora, you must be punished.

What could I have possibly liked that would bring you to the conclusion that this is okay? This could never be okay.

I have fixed the Launch and you are on hiatus until you have learned your lesson.

Thank you and Good Day.

The Criz.


soopadoopachaloopa said...

dang man i bet if you'd a reached thru that compy and smacked that little pandaor whatever, damn man that boy woulda known... damn man.

TimofSuburbia said...

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