Wino Wednesday Revisited

When we came up with the concept of Wino Wednesday, we kind of overdid it and ended up kind of just giggling ourselves into a coma that resulted my waiting up for hours so that I could sober up and drive home. That’s probably why it didn’t catch on like we had hoped. It would have worked better if it had taken place on, like…a Saturday or something…but Wino Saturday just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

So we tried it again last night. Now, keeping in mind, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a morning person. I like to sleep in until I have approximately 6 minutes to get ready and then bolt out the door for work, knocking over several of my slow moving neighbors in my race for the door. So…Wino Wednesdays tend to do more harm than good.

Pookie picked me up somewhere in between beer #2 and glass of wine #1. Looking back, I probably should have, you know…eaten dinner or something of that nature, but alas, I decided to just skip the food and have a dinner of the liquid variety. After my second glass of wine, it became clear that I am not the professional I used to be. And even though Pookie, being far more sober than I at this point (which I don’t understand…she is the lightweight here, not me), brought me home around ten, I still managed to stay up past midnight. Thus…creating the chaos that was Thursday Morning.

I hate Thurdsay Morning.

For one thing, I don’t particularly like waking up with mascara covering every inch of my face EXCEPT my eyelashes. This, in my opinion, is neither attractive nor easy to remedy.

I could also do without the excessive thirst (which is why I once coined Thursday morning “Thirsty Thursday”). I could do without having to take three minutes (out of the six I am left with after ignoring my alarm for an hour) to drink a gallon of water.

I also think that it might be a BAD thing when one drives to work with no recollection of the trip. I think that this might be something that I should pay more attention to. You know…the operating a motor vehicle and whatnot.

I won’t even get into my inability to move at a rate above sloth. Or the fact that when I get to work, I THEN have to apply my makeup. Or the insufficient amount of caffeine in the office when I arrive. Or the fact that I cannot just call the cafeteria for a breakfast delivery. Because, well, I think you get the picture.

Thirsty Thursday Sucks.

Stuck-in-my-Head Song of the Day: "Country Song" - The Murmurs

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