Letter to Monday

Dear Monday,

I fucking hate you.

I hate that you force me to get out of bed at an ungodly hour of the morning and fight my way through a sea of idiot drivers and into the depths of hell (which I lovingly refer to as “work”).

I hate that you put everyone in the office in a bad mood and that you show no remorse or compassion. (Just so you know, you could spike diet coke with rum every once in a while to take the edge off, you asshole.)

Every time I see you, you are taunting me with lovely things which remain just out of my reach (which Saturday or Sunday would have gladly shared) like sunlight or a refreshing breeze. But no, you want me to suffer. You want me to stay inside. Suffering. Pulling out my hair. You love it, don’t you, Monday.

I hate that you make me hate you, Monday. You should be the start of a new week. A week where anything can happen. A week full of hope and promise.

Instead you just make me want to drink gasoline.




shirley said...

And we all know how friggin expensive gasoline is these days.

GJR Stevenson said...

Happy Tuesday.

Just thought I would drop you a line today and let you know that you made it through. Today is tuesday so we all have six glorious days to relax and have fun, enjoy life and be happy, untill we are faced with yet another shitty monday.

Enjoy your day.

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mrsmogul said...

But then you'll hate gasoline.

When I used to dred Monday's, I used to just keep really busy so it would fly by. Then I quit and got a job I really liked! So maybe time to move on?

michele said...

Stop picking on monday's
they have feelings too.
Stop by for a visit