A plan...and some other drivel

So, obviously, when I got back to work after my four day weekend, I wasn't entirely thrilled. In fact, I was downright bitter. Maybe bitter isn't the word. Maybe the word is homicidal. At any rate, I THINK (am choosing to believe) that the worst is over. Today went rather smoothly and I do get to head out to Paradise Alley after work today with my dad and FH for a beer. Or seven.

And that's all I am saying about this week.

I will say, however, that the weekend was a mix of all of my favorite things: acupuncture, booze, debauchery, good friends, (the satisfaction of not killing my) family, and a hula hoop.
I didn't get stuck in traffic for three hours on the way to Orlando. I didn't have to stop to pee in Daytona just to have to stand in the mile-long line for the rest room. I didn't have to answer my phone at all. I kicked JGJ's ass at pool and darts (but am completely convinced that games won by default don't count). I saw FH graduate from college (which I may never even see MYSELF do). I felt like an asshole for not having graduated from college. I hippie hooped my ass off in Spliff's yard in the middle of the night while being laughed at by her lesbian neighbors and their son. I made pee-pee jokes. I watched Margaret Cho (Pussy made by SANRIO!) I slept on a bed, a fold out couch, and a floor. And I came home and my apartment was still in one piece and so was my beloved Ernge. Good times.

And then there was Monday. And you all know how well Monday went.

So...my plan for the week?
1. Shut up.
2. Do what you came to do.
3. Don't look at anyone.
4. Make sign for desk that reads: "Beware of Criz"
5. Drink heavily until it is over.

And then, of course, I plan to attend my sister's graduation party...with family. And children...and if I can make it through that, I am home free...wish me luck.


spliffany said...

pussy may contain nuts or particals of nuts

spaceface said...


Lyvvie said...

That's a blindingly good plan!