Kevin Bacon, free shoes, and the F-Word

For the life of me, I can’t remember how Ricky and I linked me to Kevin Bacon in 2 degrees. Ricky? You there? Help a sista out. Obviously, I know that it started with the Village Idiot, but seriously…

Today, I have been on my best behavior. I came to work. I did my job (and read lots of blogs). I did not speak. I hung a neon, flashing sign that says “Beware of Criz” right over “the cube of death” and drank just enough coffee to keep me from wanting to buy an Uzi. I kept my mouth shut. People stayed away. It was beautiful. And when I get home, step 5 is on. Oh…its ON.

In other news…When I was driving back from lunch yesterday from the laundry mat (aka mom’s house), there were shoes…all.over.the.road. Not like, a pair of shoes…or like, a few pairs…but like…a truckload of shoes…and it really looked like a Salvation Army truck flipped over right there…And if you know me, you KNOW that I was tempted to pull over and sift through them in hopes of finding something cute. Because…well, shit, they are FREE SHOES.

I took my dad and Fish Head to Paradise Alley last night. I had been ranting and raving about the beer selection since he got here (or since we discovered the place) and every time I mentioned it, I had to give him a napkin. Evidently, when you live in Guam, you don’t get good beer. (Note to self: do not move to Guam.) Anyway, he loved it, and FH even drank a couple (Now that I do, I don’t understand people who don’t drink beer). BUT, my dad spent a lot of time talking with the owner and he found out that the city is trying to shut all of the small businesses down. Every single one on a stretch of 30 blocks along the beach and 3 blocks out. That’s almost the whole beach. Not to mention that they only want to do it to build more fucking condos. The beach does not…NOT…need more fucking condos. But…Evidently, this is the type of thing that the city can do. I don’t know HOW they can get away with it. But…I really just wish there was something I could do about it. That poor lady has taken the City of Jacksonville Beach to court 3 times already and lost. And the place fucking rocks!

Is there a way to help get this butchery of our beaches to stop? We don’t need anymore rich fucks who don’t have anything better to do with their money than ruin the beaches. Half of them work so damn much to keep their stupid fucking “stuff” that they never even spend time enjoying it. They just fuck it up for everyone else. Bastards. Pasty white, rich bastards fucking up my beach. This is not Miami. Dammit.

F-word Count: 7

Okay…sorry…I get a little pissed about such insanity. Fuck.


shirley said...

Hmm, sounds like some crazy rich person flipped over her shoe-truck. You shoulda stopped to dig for Manolos or something!

spliffany said...

assfaces! beach condos are the devil in building form, they suck up the soul of the sea and spit it back up into chlorine infused pools kept "off limits" to us poor sand-fleas who just need a clean place to take a piss!!

wmjwatson said...

Sounds like your pop is going to the wrong spots on Guam... I know my dad never had trouble finding beer during either of the two LONG stays there (I was under age when I was there for four years) but my buddy Mike was just there a couple years back and confirmed no issues with the beer getting.