A Day in the Playhouse

I can’t remember the last time I played charades. Before this weekend.

Charades is one of those games that you watch people play on TV (because on sitcoms and movies, everyone plays charades…and at summer camp, I suppose), but put three idiotic adults in a room with a few beers, some pot, and some paper and leave us to our own devices? What are you left with? That’s right. Three idiotic adults with various levels of a buzz, trying to guess “American Beauty” from what looked like me standing to do the pledge of allegiance and then admiring myself in a hand mirror. Not to mention the very sad attempt to imitate a waving flag.

We made up our own topics ranging from “Sex and the City” (this being the one that Spliff and I were to act out together…we both, though laughing hysterically, thought that one would be a little awkward and skipped it) to Skate or Die. (The best skate video game EVER…if you never owned the original Nintendo, then you are too young to be here…shoo.)

But Sunday didn’t start out with charades, it started with Rummy. Because Rummy, for those of you who don’t know, is like crack. But then quickly escalated to The Jollyspliffter’s version of “Win, Lose or Draw” (The Criz Edition) where we all picked random phrases, wrote them on slips of paper and drew them out of what might have been at one time (or may become in the future) a bong. We were careful not to look at each other’s slips, but miraculously, with no previous discussion of the man, Spliff and I BOTH wrote “Pee Wee Herman”. I would like someone to explain to me why at any point in my friendship with Spliff, we would both be thinking of Pee Wee Herman at the same time without any provocation.

I admit, there are times when we will sit silent for minutes on end and then say the same random phrase in unison for no reason. Or have the same song stuck in our heads all day. Or attempt to call each other at the same time. But really, Spliff? Pee Wee? All I could do was scream, “GET OUT!” She didn’t. Not of the head nor the apartment. Which is fine. Its always good to have someone in your head just incase you lose it somewhere and they can lead it right back to the rest of you.

So, in honor of Spliffany, I leave you with this tasty little morsel…


soopadoopachaloopa said...

i think someone is spending far too much time on youtube. and no, that will not be /has been a bong.

themachineghost said...

next time i see you in person, i want to see you imitate a waving flag. please.


great video