The Ass Cafe

This is a message I received on MySpace today:

Subject: holy shit!!!

Hey! Do you remember me? You took a picture of my ass in the cafeteria!

Okay…so…I do remember this guy. I do NOT, however, remember taking a picture of his ass in the cafeteria. I also am puzzled as to why I had the opportunity to take a picture of his ass. IN THE CAFETERIA. And how, after ten years, THIS is what he remembers about me. (I happen to remember several OTHER things about HIM which include: I called him "Gish" for the first few months I knew him because he always wore a Smashing Pumpkins shirt. The first time I smoke pot, it was HIS pot. I know his entire family. In fact, his little sister and I walked together at our high school graduation! There are pictures of me in the living room of his parents' house...and he remembers THIS incident.)

So, after further investigation, I learned that I then hung said picture on a cork board in the gym.

God damn. I am evil.

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