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Okay, so you know that commercial for Cingular where the cute chick is outside looking through her purse or something and the guy comes up and she obviously really wants him to go away and has been avoiding his calls? I totally do that. If that makes me a bad person…well…then I guess I am a bad person. Its just so much nicer than saying, “I didn’t answer when you called because you smell like moldy cheese and you snort when you laugh, you fuckwit.”

If you will, weigh that against, “Oh, maaaan, my cell service just really sucks. Darn!” and you tell me which you’d rather hear.

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

In all fairness though, my cell phone service does suck. I don’t have service in my own apartment. MY OWN APARTMENT. So you will have to use your judgment to decide whether I am sparing your feelings or I really want to talk to you, I just happen to be AT HOME.

Also, I am completely addicted to Ebay. Totally. I am currently bidding on some super rad pants and some bitch keeps fighting me.

To the bitch that keeps fighting me:

Fucking stop it. Those pants are mine. I don’t care if your fat ass is the same size as my fat ass. I am broke and I can’t stop bidding. So you have to fucking stop or I will be living in my car with Ernge. (But I will have super rad pants.)

Thank you,


That is all.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Blue Dress" - Depeche Mode

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