Best. Night. Ever.

Friday night, as I said before, Spliff and I drove to Atlanta for what could quite possibly been the best show I will ever see in my lifetime (Ben Harper and Damian Marley, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention.) One of the downfalls of being so intensely moved by a concert, I find, is that I can never really do it justice when trying to explain it. So, I am going to list some highlights and hope that the gravity this experience will somehow be conveyed.

I am going to start with things that pissed me off, because even though I still remember them, they had little to NO impact on the night at all. Which, if you know me, you will notice, IS HIGHLY UNNATURAL.

Things that made me want to cut people:
1. We got lost in Atlanta. For those of you who have driven in Atlanta, you can testify that this is THE WORST city EVER to get lost in.
2. The whore that was standing beside us who might as well been giving head to all of the security guys standing in front of the stage.
3. The other dumb bitch who pushed her way up to the first row (beside me) who evidently didn’t deem the whole thing worthy enough to get there early and EARN a front row spot but instead, decided to push her way in right before Ben started and breathe on my goddamn neck for the entirety of his set.
4. The fact that no one in the whole city of Atlanta knows where the Gallaway Center is, which happened to be where we put the car. THE CAR.
5. This “no buying beer after 11:45pm business”. What the hell IS that? Like, how am I supposed to remember every time that you can’t buy beer at NORMAL times like 11:45pm?!
6. Ben didn’t really play anything of his own that I would have been excited to hear. Just the generic stuff that everyone screams about. (I don’t mind this stuff, but I could have done with some…shit that gives me chills.)

Things that made me squeal with joy:
1. Damian Marley did not look nearly as much like a crack head as he has recently in pictures. Obviously, Bobby Brown got his claws in, but guess what Bobby! Damian is still a smokin’ hot rasta…and you are married to a washed out psycho crack head. HA.
2. He played “War”. One of my favorite songs of all time. And…he brought Julian and Stephen out to sing with him. Holy crap. Marley overload.
3. So many dreadlocks.
4. Stephen sang directly to me and Spliff during their version of “Get up, Stand up”, which he sang with his brothers AND Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals.
5. Leon Mobley blew kisses at us during “Steal my Kisses” and while he is…ummm…Leon Mobley…it was still adorable. (And oddly, I think this is not the first time this has happened.)
6. Ben looked like a god. (Duh.)
8. And played "Heart of Gold" which I have only seen on YouTube and never in person.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

I could go on and on…and on. But I won’t. Because I am sure that you are all jealous and bitter and well…I would just be rubbing it in. So…lets just say, that I came home after the best night ever with my best girl ever and am…

There are no words.

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