Really. What is WITH people?

I think I once described something as “wearing a wetsuit lined with sandpaper”…and that’s what today was.

Obviously, today was my punishment for having a headache for a week and finally breaking down and calling in sick yesterday. Today was hell. Because honestly, every single numbskull on the planet called me today. Okay, I’m sure that there are a few that were too busy, like, trying all day to push open a door that clearly states to PULL, but still…

The weekend was pretty good though, consisting of cocktails and vulgar pianists (my favorite kind) and the ever-crazy Jennigiraffe (Jenn, Jennajawhore…whatever…) and JGJ. All things I never seem to tire of. All things that seem to keep me pretty well entertained. Most of which will again be present next weekend.

Speaking of next weekend…

Spliff and I are preparing for the long-awaited Ben Harper/Damian Marley show in Atlanta. I can’t wait. Actually, that is the worst understatement. In fact, at this very moment, just talking about it, butterflies are flitting around in my stomach so much that…well…I might just vomit. Anyway, I may not come back. Assuming, (and I know that I have said this before) that I can somehow convince Ben that his wife is really a talking horse. Hmmmm…I don’t see how he could not know already. Damn that Laura Dern. Damn her.

In the meantime though, I have spent the evening drinking many a rum and coke, taking retarded pictures with my LBG and talking shit about our jobs…and watching Nip/Tuck while LBG ate corn in various forms. Corn. I know. I open the freezer to get ice, and she is awestruck by…corn. I really should marry her. So easy to please. And so good at cutting my hair. Oh yeah, I made her do that in return for the corn. Our friendship, its an exchange. I give her corn, she cuts my hair.

And now, because I have a fresh haircut and a belly full of corn and rum…(mmm…), I am going to bed.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Butterflies" - Toad the Wet Sprocket

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