I don't have the time nor the energy to make sense of anything right now, so I am just going say a few things here.

1. I fucking hate you, Rush Limbaugh, you fat fuck. I hated you before, but now...NOW you've struck a nerve. Don't you talk about Michael J. Fox that way. Don't you know who he is?! He is Marty. Fucking. McFly. You leave him alone you big, stupid asshole.

2. Can someone tell this idiot lady to stop calling me? Can you just explain to her that if her labs are not in the system, then I cannot, no matter how many times she tells me that she is a nurse, PRINT THEM. Seriously.

3. To the growing pile of paper on my desk and the incessant phone calls. Go away. I don't have time for you. You have already ruined my lunch, made me all grumpy, and put me in just about the mood that I would need to be in to cut someone. And you don't want me to have to cutta bitch.

4. This is funny and if I hadn't found it today, I think I would have already run away.

5. Although I am all moved in to the new apartment, it is a long way away from being a home. In fact, it currently looks like IT was the one that was burglarized. I know, I know...It's a matter of time. And if I had any, I would gladly accept that.

Why don't they let us smoke in hospitals anymore? I would be much better if they did.

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Sudiegirl said...

Great post!

I remember when my dad still smoked...he was in the hospital for back problems, and he kept sneaking in the bathroom to have a cig.

Every time the nurse would bust him, he'd have this "who me?" look on his face as smoke was rolling out of the bathroom door.

I'm all for smoking in hospitals, I guess...but that's not PC, is it?