What the World has Come to.

My boss just used “B-4” in an email to employees to let us know that if we haven’t done something already, that we have to do so on or B-4 10/20. Ummm…

The fact that she can sent out mass emails and evidently, either cannot or is too lazy to spell the word ‘before’ and that I get yelled at for not wearing pantyhose (when the only part of my body that shows in my outfit is my fucking ankles!) is a little silly to me. I mean, are my proper use of the English language and my professionalism in written correspondence negated by my lack of pantyhose? Is it okay that she sounds like she is a third grader because her ankles are covered?

This morning, I was standing in line to pick up N’s breakfast in the cafeteria and I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me. I knew it was familiar, but I had no idea who I would see when I turned around. I turned to look, like anyone would, and my head zipped back around so fast for that early in the morning that it actually made me dizzy. When I thought familiar, I thought my department or constant phone communication, not “sat behind me in American Government and dated LBG”. Eeek. I had heard that he was a paramedic now but is there no justice in the world?

Dumb, illiterate people are in charge of me.
The Hospital Administration’s biggest concern is pantyhose (or lack thereof).
Stinky is in charge of making sure people STAY ALIVE.
I have an R. Kelly song in my head. On repeat. And I want to wear a pink Zorro mask.
Dustin “Screech” Diamond has a sex tape. Oh god. (Cringe. Think of baseball. Cringe.)

What is the world coming to?

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soopadoopachaloopa said...

i don't know what the world is coming to but i know it's not good. the craziest shit has been happening, there are too many dumbasses out there and no one is willing to kill them off. that's what we need... thin the herd, it's time.