How you found me...

It's that time again, folks!

6. Liver Disease "don't get hangovers"...if you have liver disease, you should probably steer clear of the hooch...but hey, what do I know?

5. Taye Diggs (on proposing to Idina)...we will not be discussing this sort of thing here. She does not exist outside of RENT. She certainly does not exist in Taye's bed. Dammit.

4. Anthony Rapp shirtless...More on RENT. Okay...I love him, but I don't have any shirtless pictures of him...because really, he isn't that attractive. He isn't TAYE.

3. Phillip Butts...I don't know if this is an actual person. But I am fairly certain he isn't here.

2. "Boob Collage"...No. No. No. Move along.

1. Upper Peninsula horny...Someone in my hometown found me this way. This scares me on so many levels.

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