Call me Judas

I got a friend request from “god” last night on myspace. Naturally, I felt the need to check out God’s profile. Because it isn’t every day that he sends such a blatant message. Turns out, God is a 37 year old female from Washington DC. That’s as far as I got. As soon as I saw that she was from DC, I knew she couldn’t be the god for me. My god wouldn’t live in DC. Denied. Just call me Judas.

In other news, D is in the hospital again. I feel so terrible that she has so many problems and I wish there was something I could do. Spliff and I wanted to go and see her yesterday, but when I called the room, there was no answer and by the time dinner was over, I was so tired that I could barely even watch The Simpsons. I hope she doesn’t think I am an asshole for not coming.

I got a call from K yesterday as well. Seems that L, despite having stuck it out for over two years, finally left. I don’t doubt that there was love there. I did, however, doubt that it would last forever. Knowing L as well as I do, I had a hunch that it wouldn’t be too long before the arguments became much more than just that. Either way, K sounds horrible and L seems to be handling things okay for the time being. K is staying with her mom and plans to move out this week. It really is sad. I know that K has been overbearing…but she is a good girl and so is L…but maybe they’ve served their purposes in each other’s lives. I do feel a little odd though, being one of the first ones that K called. We’ve never been all that close and she has spent the last two years trying to prove to me that she isn’t like her father or brother (Boy to Avoid…) and now I just feel like she might need a little more support than L does.

My brilliant supervisor decided recently that our workstations should all be moved. Walls should be removed, cabinets replaced, equipment moved around. She felt that we would “work better as a team” if we could all see each other and communicate. Which is funny, because the only thing it has done for me so far on day one is make it nearly impossible to hear while I am on the phone and make it really easy to see the two girls that I like in my office. One of whom is currently making faces at me. No one is all that excited about the new look. Honestly, I hate it. But then, there isn’t much about this place that I don’t hate these days. So, I guess it doesn’t really change much. Aside from the fact that everyone can see my computer screen when I am trying to blog. And now, I get to make faces at coworkers across the room. El YAAAAY!

So, that said, I should probably…stop blogging now…

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soopadoopachaloopa said...

no body?

ok... hey, Judas what up?

there it's done.

my dad says hi.

-Jesus (you know we share a birthday) Christ