The Tragedy

Naturally, since my weekend was such a comedy…the week would have to be filled with tragedy. Strep throat. Pissed off boss. Unpaid sick days from work (because I just used all of my vacation time on The Great White North). And a generally bad mood.

Today is unpaid sick day number three. During which, I have accomplished the following:

Drinking a pot of coffee.

Feeling ill from antibiotics.

Speaking to my attorney.

Watching Tyra Banks stuff her face with carbs for an entire minute. (I don’t care what you say, watching a supermodel stuff her face on national television gave me great pleasure.)

Getting sucked in to the History Channel for entirely too long. (Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way…Opium is even addictive when you are just watching it on television.)

I can’t complain though, this list contains more items than the list for the two previous days would have…if I had dared to share. Which I won’t. Because I am boring enough.

The psycho landlady did come yesterday to “change the air filters”, but since I was home…she actually only got to CHANGE THE AIR FILTERS! In your face, crazy bitch! She did talk to me incessantly about the cat that tried to eat Booge’s face a couple of months back. And then about water. Or the toilet running. Or…something. And although she didn’t get to snoop around the apartment, I did catch a glimpse of her snooping around the curb…where the GARBAGE was. Yes…you read that right…the GARBAGE. The woman is nuts. I can’t help but wonder what she hopes to find in the recycle bin. Ummm…three weeks worth of liquor bottles? Yes. Incriminating photos? Not this week. Either way…I just hope that next time she has to “change the air filters” one of us can be home to supervise.

So, my plan for the rest of the day is to a) try to be un-sick by 5 (when Spliff gets home and Aly gets here from O-Town and b) try to look like a live person, rather than a living dead girl…Wish me luck. (I will need it more than I can possibly tell you.)

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Mia said...

I think everybody is sick right now...I think half the people on my blogroll are going through this, including me. I've been living on Robitussin and antibiotics for a couple weeks now. Ugh.

Feel better!