On Smiling...

This is going to be a quick one since I have about five minutes before I have to start drinking wine and watching American Idol. (Yes, Spliff and I are uber-tools and we have a ritual for Tuesdays.)

Things that have managed to make me smile/giggle/laugh uncontrollably this week:

“Make love to a filipinera, pass me the keys to my brunch”

“What are you? Like 20? 21?” (Spoken to me by my new best friend.)

“You could never be the ugly friend.” (Likewise, baby, likewise.)

A package from my dad. (Containing two items, identical except for their color, that I cannot…CANNOT chose between…Sorry Fish Head…Seems like we both inherited the indecisive gene.)

I got hooked up on a deal for a laptop and am going to be using a lappy from here on out! Woot!

“Hi, puddin.”

A note from thing one. (Which I originally thought was from Thing Two…and now am just perplexed about when Thing One was in my house…little creepy…but cute, nonetheless.)

Finally getting to talk to Brandy and Eppernepperhart.

That’s all I got. Let the debauchery begin!

1 comment:

Owen's mom said...

aww I was happy to get to talk to you, too!!!
Cuz I loooooove you.