Reasons to stay in bed

Today has been much like last Saturday in that I have done very little of anything except for reading and watching television. Only this weekend, I am okay with this for two reasons.

One: Last night, at the last minute, I decided to go out with Pookie and JM (Magic Mike's ex) and have some drinks. Once I'd had a couple of beers and a couple of double tall rum and cokes, I just decided that the early night that I'd been thinking about was just a stupid idea...I ended up hanging out at a bar near my house with JM and Yoda listening to Danzig and NOFX, drinking $1 PBRs until the bar closed. It was interesting to see the newly single JM again, it had been so long...I ended up having a really good time, despite the almost fight and the loss of JM at the end of the night. But I did manage to have a very involved conversation with a strange dude at the bar about why I don't want children (I don't know how this conversation got started...at all...) and some guy gave me a big, pink flower made out of balloons. So...clearly, I didn't need to do anything today...

Two: I spent the day with my new laptop. It isn't the newest or the best, but it will serve its purpose and I got it for so cheap that I couldn't say no. But I love the lappy. Yes, we bonded. And are continuing to bond right now. Ernge is a little peeved that the computer is on my lap and he can't be there too, so he is stretched out beside me with his head on my leg. He will get SOME lap...He always does. Either way...now, because I am so ridiculously anal about naming things, I have to think of a name for my new toy...(It isn't just me, JGJ thinks I should name it too...leave me alone.)

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sjer said...

Mine is named Bobert, and we are in love. Personally, I think Lappy is a good name.