Sugar Plums and Joaquin Phoenix

I am not a fan of Joaquin Pheonix. I’m just not. I don’t like him at all. I know that he is a good actor but, much like Leonardo DiCaprio, he just drives me nuts. That’s why my dream last night was a little odd. Well…it was odd anyway…but…he added to the oddness.

For some reason, Fish Head and I were going with an older couple (the woman looked a lot like KB’s mom) to visit the house of a serial killer who was missing or in jail or supposedly dead or something…turns out, the people that we went with were serial killers themselves and when we got there, the guy (who was missing, dead, in jail) who owned the house was there. He thought we were going to be his next victims…but he was sitting in a chair and the woman we were with shot him in the head, he grabbed my sister and was shaking her violently, and then he collapsed on the couch that I was sitting on and across my legs, I slithered out from under him and behind the couch, and I could feel his blood dripping onto my back. Fish Head and I finally got out somehow and for some reason, and the guy's really scary son was chasing us (all 4 of us) with a knife, so we got in the SUV and sped away. We stopped at another house and the couple got out and left the keys in the car, so we climbed up front and I drove away, down a dirt road because I was sure that the couple was going to try to kill me and FH next. We drove away and I got lost because it was getting dark. I drove forever and kept hitting dead ends and we finally ended up back at the first house…where the SUV died…so I got out and had to go back inside and try to find the keys to another truck (there were like five trucks scattered all over the yard)…I found them, ran outside and screamed for FH to get in. There was another truck coming up and a man was driving and he was speeding towards me with his lights on bright, he wasn’t slowing…I couldn't get the door closed or the keys to fit in the ignition and the guy had finally stopped, just before hitting us and had gotten out of the truck and was coming towards me. I was screaming and crying and he came around right as I slammed the door…but it didn't close all the way and he opened it. I looked at him and he was the scary son of the guy that the people killed. But he was also Joaquin Pheonix. And he looked at me and he said, "They killed my dad." and I just stared at him. I felt overwhelmed by him. I felt sad for him and safe because of him and I couldn’t look away. And then I woke up.

Will someone please explain to me why I was so strangely drawn to Joaquin? And why I am constantly dreaming about killers and being chased? (And the other day, fighting with Spliff over what kind of pizza to get?)

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