The Jobby Job

Today was the first time at the new job when I actually felt like I had the slightest idea what I was doing. It was divine.

It isn't that the new job is too challenging for me, but it is definitely a different kind of challenging than I am used to. There are no phone calls from crying/screaming/insane patients, but there are guys with accents saying things like "hepatospenomegaly" and "salpingooopherectomy" (yes, these are actual words)...Luckily for me, I know these words, but unluckily for me, I am not familiar with some accents of Southeast Asia or like, some South American countries...Challenging, indeed. But I have to say, I surprise myself every day. And judging from what I have heard about the department I've just left, I work in absolute HEAVEN...but I already knew that.

I've been working overtime and brushing up on my terminology and then coming home and reading history books and trying not to fall asleep on my lappy.

That said, I'm still taking volunteers to do my History homework. Come on people!!!

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