Life and Stars

My visit with Pinhead went really well. He seems to be the same old guy only now he has to wear a uniform and let people yell at him all the time…Oh, and he will be living in Alaska. Other than that, though, we had a pretty good time chatting it up and making fun of each other. He likes to bring up when I broke my foot outside of a bar, stone sober and then he had to carry me to the car and hold a Corona on it for 3 hours. He likes to talk about the way that my body looked as I folded into a pile on the ground, laughing hysterically and then exclaiming, “OW! I think I broke my foot!”

“Which part?”


We are planning to have dinner on Friday, even though I can’t even imagine where I am going to get the money to actually eat anything…but I can sit there and pretend...

In other news, I have something to say to the folks at American Idol. Tim McGraw did NOT write “When the Stars Go Blue”, you assholes! Ryan Adams did…it was on a little album called “Gold”, maybe you’ve heard of it…get it straight! At first I really liked that beatboxer dude. I really did. But after the total rip off of “Love Song” and how he sang it just like 311 (knowing that the judges had no idea who 311 is) and pissing me the hell off, I pretty much want to beat him in the head. Note to beatboxer boy: when 311 did “Love Song” it sucked ass, you should try and NOT suck. That is sort of the idea of the show…but don’t even get me started on Sanjaya.

This no job thing is pretty nice. I can’t say that I miss working, but I can say that I miss a paycheck. I have been putting in applications at places that don’t make me want to vomit and getting my classes sorted out as well as my financial aid and I am wishing more and more that I could just forget working and go to school full time and let that be my job for a while. It could still happen. I just have to make sure that everything gets in before the start of the Summer Term. And that I get my retirement money from the assholes before I make any serious decisions on the matter. I am looking to work at a very low-stress place and just ride it out until I graduate. Because…corporate America can bite me.

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