I have been a bad, bad blogger, I know. After the trip to North Cackalacky, I came home, slept an entire day away, and then partied with JM and Spliff for the majority of the weekend before D convinced me that it would be advisable for me to spend assloads of money on a very expensive toy. That toy, being an 80 gb iPod. Yes.

Because I have no job and no regular income, I agreed with D and hauled my big ass right on over to the Apple Store and got me one. Because I am a huge idiot. And I really like stuff that I can't afford.

The irony is that, for the first time in my life, I CAN afford to spend $350 on toys...and it, coincidentally, is the first time that I have been unemployed since I was 15 years old. Go me! Every time I look at Shabuta Jenkins 2.0 (my first iPod was named Shabuta Jenkins), I am reminded that quitting my job was the smartest thing that I ever did. I stay up late, I buy new toys, I lost 5 pounds..everything is right with the world. Jealous?

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