I just bought an iPhone

Today was a big day.

D had asked me a few days ago if I would mind keeping her company while she waited in line to buy the new iPhone. Of course, being the fantastic friend that I am, I didn't mind at all. I also didn't know that we would be there all day, sitting in the hot, Summer sun, waiting for a phone that cost 600 bucks. But, even after we got there, I stuck by her side. Even in the 97 degree heat, with sweat dripping down my neck into my cleavage, I stood by the side of my friend. I know, it seems silly. But let me tell you something, friends: When you walk into a store and the employees applaud and high-five you, you want to buy what they are selling. And you will. And you will sell it. Because you never wanted a phone that costs more than your monthly rent in the first place. You were just trying to keep a friend company.

Yes folks, I bought an iPhone. And I don't want it. At all. I have no interest in a phone that makes coffee...because I like the way I make my OWN coffee. Naturally though, I had to buy one to prove that I am an economic genius. So...someone needs to buy it from me right now. Come on, you know you want to. (I know that this will not be hard, considering that people have been lined up for days to buy this thing...)

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