So, today was Spliff's 27th birthday. She said she didn't really feel like getting drunk and acting like an idiot so she spent the weekend with family in O-Town, which gave me time to plan the surprise dinner for tonight.

I asked The Idiot to take her out for martinis and woo her with hot bartenders and vodka and he agreed. When she got home, I had prepared fresh mango salsa to top the baked tilapia paired with black beans and yellow rice. She was shocked.

No one really ever gives a shit about my birthday...it is a major holiday and all of my friends are usually gone to see their families, but it means so much more to me when I can make a friend's birthday something special. And maybe I am just living through them, but seeing Spliff's face when she saw the people that were here to celebrate HER, made me feel like gold. Better than gold even. I felt amazing. I felt so proud. Not because the food was incredible (which it WAS, if I do say so, myself...) but because I had completely surprised my best friend. Because I had made her day a little bit brighter...and that, my friends, is a great feeling.

My grandmother died on her favorite holiday...Christmas...which is also my birthday...I was 23. No one really knew what to do...Jess threw a little get-together at her apartment which was the only thing that got me through it. She made the turkey (her first time) and stuffing...and everything you would want for Christmas dinner...and because I had been at the hospital all day and had eaten nothing, it was the best dinner ever...it didn't matter...it was the best birthday because my friends were there...celebrating me...but it was the worst ever, because I was mourning my favorite person...ever...

In July, Tory and Chris and Brandy and Spliff threw me a surprise 23.5 birthday party. And it was possibly the best thing that anyone has ever done for me. So, I appreciate the element of surprise. And I love my fucking friends. I love Tory for being the light in my life for years, I love The Idiot for not ever leaving my side, I love LBG for being the sister I could have never imagined, and I love Spliff for being...well... she is hard to put into words...she is a sister, a soulmate, a fucking hero...and I am so glad that I could make her birthday special...I love you, Spliff!!! You rock my face off...and I hope that you realize how much your friendship means to me...every day...every freaking day, bitch!

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