I don't get it.

Guy at bar: I'm a surgical tech. I work in Plastic Surgery.

Carolyn: Oh, so you give people fake boobs.

Guy at bar: Yeah.

Carolyn: Why are you talking to me? I am not a skinny bitch with fake boobs.

Guy at bar: Yeah, you could use some work.

Me to Guy at Bar: Have you ever considered hair plugs and a nosejob?

Guy at Bar to me: And to think I was going to buy you a beer.

Me: You still will.

Guy at bar: Red Stripe?

Me: Yep. Thanks!

This guy was a total jackass and was telling my friend that she needed plastic surgery and when I told him that HE needed plastic surgery, he totally bought me a beer and asked me for my number so that he could take me kayaking! What the hell?! Guys are a mystery to me.

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Janet said...

Sometimes I'm glad that things like this happen, if only to get funny blog entries out of them.

I'm here btw, by recommendation of Mia from Mom's At It Again. It will all make sense shortly, once I finally finish the post that will explain it all on my blog!