For the past few days, I have been having very short, very strange dreams. Like commercial break dreams. And oddly, even though I know that they are coming in when the major dream pauses, when I wake up, I can only remember the commercials.

I spent most of Saturday hung over and having cracked out conversations with people about creating new holidays and dressing up like thumbs and taking surveys. But somewhere between all of that, I slept my face off. When I woke up from my five hour power nap, I remembered the commercial break.

I was getting dressed for something. Wearing a wine colored dress (one that I actually wore to JB’s wedding a few years back) and I couldn’t decide which shoes to wear. The thing is, I was sitting on the floor amidst about 675 pairs of black shoes but none of them were the “right” shoes. It was very stressful. Very stressful indeed.

The next dream took place at a school. Not my school. Just someone’s school. And I was in charge of showing someone around. So naturally, at lunchtime, I led her to the courtyard. Which wasn’t so much a courtyard as it was a huge field with concession stands next to a football field. Maybe there was a pep rally going on. The Molester was working in one of the stands alongside of the field where we decided to sit. I bought drinks from him and then realized that I wasn’t wearing any shoes. TM gave me his bright, Astroturf colored (“crystal green”) shoes to wear and I ended up walking away with them. It was a fairly pointless dream, but again, involved shoes (or a lack thereof).

The last one that I remember didn’t involve shoes but a friend of mine who has been paralyzed from the waist down since we were sixteen. We were at a party, sitting at a table where I wouldn’t have been able to see her wheelchair, and she miraculously stood up and walked to the door. Like nothing was different. I called her on it, and she said, “Where have you been? I have been walking for three weeks!”

I realize that this last one has nothing to do with shoes. But it seemed to me that there was a connection between walking and the shoes themselves. What is going on in my brain?!

Anyway, I looked up shoes in a dream dictionary this morning…you know…when I got to work and probably should have been…you know…working. And here’s the verdict. Strange, eh?

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