Debbie Downer?

Evidently, I have become Debbie Downer (wa-wa-waaaaaaa). I have gotten myself some wine and skipped the moping for today in hopes that I could possibly get a handle on this…not being a whiney little bitch thing. And those of you who know me, know how happy wine makes me, so…I should be…quite okay.

On Ricky Retardo: Ricky said today that I am “bewitching”. That’s pretty rockin’. Even though I really think that he is only referring to “the shirt” (you remember…the one he swears I keep in a cryogenic case which, when opened, emits a smoke-like substance and releases “the shirt”, but only to me. Sure, you do, the shirt that gives me superpowers). He says that my effect on the powerless should be called “Crizzling” like…”You’ve been Crizzled” and the like. He really has issues. Really.

On V-Day: So really, guys. I am super aware that if I were planning on being mopey that today would be the day to do it, but I had a really good day. Obviously, work was lame, but when I got off, those of you who called…seriously, made my freaking day. And maybe it was the sentimental bullshit, or maybe it was the fact that I just needed some love, or maybe it was just the fact that you all rock my face off on the daily. And I love you. You know who you are. (Tighten up.)

On Myspace: Holy high school, Batman! Everyone in the free world is finding me these days. I can’t say that I mind, but…whoa. (If you didn’t use the Joey voice…go back…do it again.) Also…Jack Johnson, I wouldn’t have added you as my friend if I knew you were going to be a blog-o-maniac. Fucking stop. I don’t need a new email every 35 seconds talking about your new album. I think you have already lost me. Considering that I liked you back in the days of the massive patio and whore roommate (taco footbottle?) and that those days are gone, I don’t think I need you anymore. Shut it.

That is all. I said good day.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: “Story of my Life”- Social Distortion (Why?)


Coconut Pete said...

Crittle you know I rock!!! I'm one the coolest crazy people you know...even if I'm a little spacey he he.....could you imagine the stuff i'd come up with if i did drugs lol...bye shugga

carrie said...

sometimes my boyfriend calls me debbie downer, cuz i point out the negatives about everything.

themachineghost said...

Debbie Downer is just your porn name.

spaceface said...

I can only wish I was having the amount of sex that would warrant a porn name, brandizzle. (Or any at all...)