I guess I had been spoiled for the last couple of months due to the holidays. I got very few calls from the bastard drug reps and I was starting to get used to not wanting to cut them. Until I came back from my vacation.

The calls have started back worse than they have ever been. Along with emails. And voicemails. And snail mail. And I am getting hostile.

I told my coworkers yesterday that if a particular annoying douchebag with bleached teeth called, to let him know that I had gone on a rampage and started slashing drug reps and had been incarcerated. That should shut him up. Either that or he would try to find out a phone number to reach me in prison. (Speak of the devil, I just got a call from the front desk to tell me that he is HERE. Fucking spectacular.)

I honestly can’t tell you how much this guy irks me. I know it is him on the other line before I answer the phone and I cringe and grit my teeth. Normally, I can pretend to be sweet to people even if I don’t like them, but seriously, I can’t even control myself when I have to talk to him. I want to punch him in the throat.

I’m feeling a little angsty these days.

I have a little slip of paper that I am keeping in my wallet where I am adding the people who will get punched in the throat before I move. Right now, I am only at two. (But I did just start taking names this morning.)

Happy fucking Thursday.

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Yorkshire Soul said...

Crikey, you need a cup of tea and a biscuit.