Birthdays and Drag Kings

Because my new job is a weekend only one, I was pretty excited when I heard that I have one more day of orientation and can't start actually working until it is completed. That meant that I would actually get a couple more weekends before I became a slave to the oldies. This past weekend, I had decided to lay low and not spend a ton of money. It didn't work out that way at all.
Friday night was pretty normal. Dinner and beers at "The Regal Beagle" and then home to feed my addiction...("Intervention"). The plan for Saturday was pretty simple: A little shopping for some casual clothes for work (I can't wear tube tops there...damn), a trip to visit the 'rents and give them their birthday gifts, and then a birthday dinner for L. We were going to skip the invitation to the lesbian bar for a drag king show because the bar is a million miles away and we knew there would be beer involved. Needless to say, the day was packed full of stuff to do and Spliff and I were eventually convinced that A could drive us to the bar and home so that he wouldn't be the only straight person in the place.

The drag king show was awesome. The bar was tiny and scorching hot but the girls were super nice and L got a birthday lapdance from a chick dressed like a scantily-clad cop. We got to meet a lot of L's friends and I instantly fell in love with her friends Joey and JD, a gay couple. Joey is super young and super sweet and they spent a lot of the time trying to teach me simple words in sign language so that I could speak to JD. (I need a lot of work. A LOT.) I will say that it sucks being unable to speak with someone that everyone else in the group can speak to. It made me really want to learn sign language. And it made me feel sort of bad about not already knowing it. Seriously, the only thing I have ever learned in sign language is "there is a peanut in my belly button"...and of course I don't even remember how to say that. And I would have liked to say it to JD because I am sure that it would have given him a chuckle. Either way, we had a great time and I am so happy to have met so many new people.

Sunday afternoon A, Spliff and I met L and her girlfriend for brunch where we had too many mimosas and too many shots. We sat there for over four hours, basking in the sun and giggling and then, when we were all sufficiently toasted, we headed out to hear some weekend reggae at the OC. By the time I went to bed on Sunday night, I was hammered. There is something about daytime drinking in the sun that makes you so drunk. SO FAST.

We had a good time. L and her girlfriend are adorable and Joey and JD are a pleasure to be around and Joey even asked me to be his "fruit fly"...(giggle, giggle). This was a really great way to spend one of my last weekends of freedom...so thanks, guys, for making it effing awesome!


Mia said...

Ok...I have to ask now because my curiosity has been killing me for months, and I've obviously missed this somewhere lol

Why Spliff? Where does that name come from? It cracks me up every time I read it.

spaceface01 said...

Okay, well...

I don't know exactly why in hell I started calling her Spliffany, but I do remember the day that it happened. Let me paint a picture.

Ahem...Spliff, (Formerly Tiff) was moving back to her hometown and we were celebrating the day by ingesting as much alcohol as we possibly could and sitting on the couch. When you start the day with pitcher after pitcher of mimosas, you can't be held responsible for anything that comes out of the hole in your face...but at some point I looked over at her and said, "Your new name is SPLIFFANY!" and then we both laughed uncontrollably for a very long time...and it stuck. You should hear it when we are out and I am trying to get her attention, I'm all, "SPLIFF! HEY! SPLIFF!"

BUT, if this gives you any idea of how we all get nicknames in our group of friends, I am sometimes referred to as "Crotchel". Because one night, in the middle of a heated game of Asshole a rule was made that before you drank, you had to rap three lines...The Molester (yes, we gave him this nickname too) gets to his turn and says..."My name is Crystal and I like whistles, in my crotchel." So...there ya go. I hope that clears that up...lol.