Things of note...

After starting orientation at the new job on Tuesday, I have felt pretty confident about the change of scenery. Actually, I freaking love it so far. Granted, I haven't actually worked yet, just met a bunch of people that I will be working with and a bunch of the higher-ups and toured the facility and stuff. But things seem great there. I mean, seriously, I toured the facility with 5 other people who were new and every single CEO or Cafeteria Manager or whoever seemed to know the names of every resident we ran into. It felt like a really close-knit and lovely environment. I love it so far.

On my second day of orientation, I was with a whole new group of people and I managed to meet about 500 OTHER people who, to me, have faces...but their names are blurred into one big name and I can't match the names with the faces for the life of me. It was a good day, though. We spent the day being herded from department to department and being spoken to by several different people who seem to be important but all made it a point to know each of our names and all kinds of details about our lives. I have never really felt so much like a part of the team as I have over the last few days. It has all been a huge ego boost and a really nice welcome to the company! (I won't even mention the guy in my orientation class who told me I was "perfect" and asked me out...because, well, hell...that was pretty awesome too.)

I don't start the actual job for a couple of weeks but I have another orientation day coming and am actually not dreading it. My new boss called today to tell me that she is really excited about my joining the team and that everyone already seems to love me. Which gives me a super nice feeling and makes me all the more excited to start playing Bingo with the oldies! I can't wait.

When I got home, though, things got a little hairy. The sky turned black and the power went out for 5 hours...the only thing left to do was drink a lot of vodka and play rummy with Spliff. Because seriously, when all else fails, drink vodka. Word.


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Mia said...

"When all else fails drink Vodka. Word."

That's why you rock my socks.

I'm so happy that your new job is working out...or at least the orientation part! Keep us posted.