Reunions and Irish Pubs

I should be sleeping. But I am wired from spending the last 4 hours trying (emphasis on TRYING) to put my photos from B's trip onto snapfish so that I can send them to him. I don't know whether snapfish is tired...or my lappy is. Either way, I am soooo close to breaking things that I am sure that I won't be able to sleep right now.

I figured I would spend this time to post some pictures on the trust old blog for those of you who were unfortunate enough not to have joined in the festivities...Poor you.

Okay, just let me start by saying that B hadn't been back here in several years and he specifically requested to see a bunch of people that we went to high school with so my job was to attempt to get them all in one place so that he could make the most of his short time here. We managed, in the two days he was here, to see everyone but ONE person...who was not to be invited to my apartment because of Spliff...long story...not telling it. Anyway, we spent his first day here, drinking...drinking...and more drinking...so the pictures involved a bunch of drunk, smiling faces and V singing on several different stages at various bars. (No, it wasn't a karaoke night, it was a V-is-a-musician-and-I-haven't-seen-her-in-ten-years-night.)

Then, on Friday, I invited everyone to my tiny apartment where I would cook dinner for the masses. Nope. We ordered pizza and drank too much. But it was a great time. Getting a bunch of people from high school together is fun. What is even more fun is when none of you have been in the same room for ten years. That, my friends, is awesome. There were a few surprise guests, both named Dan. One that I don't think that I have ever spoken to in my life and the other was the guy who, during a firedrill his freshman year, had mistaken me for our mutual friend and jumped ONTO my back as I walked back into the building. When I turned around, he realized I wasn't our friend and turned so red that I thought his head might pop off...After that, clearly, we had to be friends. You don't just give a guy a piggy-back ride and never talk to him again! That would just be cruel!

Anyway, here are some of the highlights.

For his first afternoon back in The Sunshine State, I thought that it would only be right to take B somewhere with a view of water and plenty of beer. Spliff met us HERE for happy hour. Perfect afternoon for it, I must say.

After many, many beers on the Intracoastal, B and I took the 45 minute trek to see V and her dad play at a cute Irish pub. As soon as we walked in, we were handed tequila. Damn you, V.

We weren't quite done after V was done playing, so we headed to another pub. This time, WAY closer to home. This is me and B after our Irish Car Bomb. (They're nazis and they made me do it.)

I think that B really, really likes V's brother. I am not really sure what is occurring here, but I do know that this was immediately after we all did shots of water to trick V's brother into doing a shot of something that I can't even name...but it tastes like mouthwash and it is clear. Ick.

That really is going to have to be all for tonight, internet. I have a stressful day of...Bingo and a petting zoo tomorrow.

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