I woke up this morning, still feeling irritated. I hate when I wake up irritated because it seems to set the tone for the whole day. Not cool. It didn't help that I had a dream that I was dating Jer again which is enough to irritate anyone. For some reason, he moved back in with me and so did his entire family. Even when I am sleeping, his parents bug me. I can't imagine what marrying into that would have done to me. Thank you, Cheesus for getting me out of there.

In the dream, we were fine and then all of a sudden he was accusing me of all sorts of ridiculous things and then he was screaming...and then we broke up. And it happened somewhat like the real breakup did. I was calm but kind of indifferent at first but then ended up so frustrated because of the yelling and anger that was coming off of him for no reason. So, I woke up flustered, irritated and a bit relieved.

In other news, I should be studying right now so that I don't completely fail my test in a few hours and so that I can finally be done with it but...I am the slacker of the universe and I am still drinking coffee and researching Universities (that I will never get into if I don't pass this effing class in the first place.) Wish me luck, internet...I am gonna need it.

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