How you found me...

Well, ladies and gentleman, there have been a lot of interesting stats that I have neglected and for that I am sorry, but there were a few this week that I thought were interesting...

First of all, someone in France is obsessed with this "Pantyhose Face" search that I keep getting. What does this mean, people? I get at least one search a week for this and every time, it is from somewhere in France. Is there something going on over there that I should know about?!

Secondly, we have "how not to have your face red"...What? You mean, like, blushing? Don't fart in public while hanging out with a bunch of frat guys. Don't fall down while there are a bunch of people watching. Just don't do embarrassing stuff, yo. If it is this much of a problem, you may want to consider a paper bag, or like, staying away from other people. Just a suggestion.

But the best one...the burning question, if you will, is still "who the fuck is Tila Tequila?" Indeed! Who the fuck IS Tila Tequila? Does ANYONE know? ANYONE?! I am starting to think that they just went to a gay bar and picked someone who was making out with everyone and asked her if she wanted a show and she was all, "Totally, I will make out with all them bitches!"

That's all I got...If anyone can provide any clues to any of this...I would be interested in knowing what is going on (France? Hello?).

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