I have noticed, possibly because of my fast-approaching 28th birthday, that I am no longer 21. I cannot, despite how great an idea it might seem to be, stay up until 4 in the morning drinking canned beer. I will try and fool you into thinking that I can do it, because 5 years ago I would have, but the second you turn your back, I will curl up on my bed and fall asleep. It will happen so quickly that you won't even know what hit you. Seriously, I am good like that.

In other news, I am still broke, tired and seriously irritated about Christmas. I have used what little holiday cheer I have to pick out gifts for 20 of Fish Head's kids that would otherwise not be getting Christmas this year. I used my hefty discount at the bookstore to buy as many things as I could and am shipping them to St. Pete tomorrow. I feel good about it. Even though I don't get so excited about Christmas anymore, I can't imagine being a child who doesn't have any packages to open and if I can help it, I will make sure that I can at least prevent that from happening to SOMEONE'S kids. That's my good deed. That's all I can afford. So...now it is your turn. Send money. Thank you.

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