On Weddings

"Whatever. You always bitch about having to be in weddings."

"That doesn't mean I'm not honored to be asked! It just means that it sucks that people feel they have to go to ridiculous lengths to...prove they love each other."

Seriously...I don't understand big weddings. This doesn't mean that I am not honored when someone asks me to be part of one. It just means that I don't understand all the dress-buying and the hair-doing. I don't want that, so I don't really understand what the big fuss is about. And while I may bitch about having to buy a dress that I will never wear again, it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate that people think enough of me to ask in the first place. I do. And I love the idea of love. And I love the IDEA of marriage. I just don't understand it. That may be just me.

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Mads said...

Oh well. The significance of weddings varies from person to person.