The New Year Post

So, yeah, I guess I forgot to wish everyone a Happy New Year…so Happy freaking New Year, internet!

I spent the evening with some people from Spliff’s office. It was fairly uneventful up until about 1am which is when we started prank calling random numbers and screaming “Happy New Year!!!” I never thought that at 28, I would be prank calling people in the middle of the night with a bunch of 21-year-olds, but you know me, anything can happen. All I am saying, people, is that if I have your phone number and you received a strange drunken phone call in the middle of the night, it was most likely me. Or it was someone else…but they were most likely sitting right next to me and I was most likely laughing my ass off when you answered the phone and sounded pissed. Yep. I rock. You are so glad that you are my friends. Don’t front.

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