On Being Content

It feels sort of good to have a job again. (Unless it is Monday morning and I have been out all weekend drinking too much and pretending that I don't have a job to go to.) I wasn't sure how I would feel about working full-time and having less time to watch reruns of ER and work on my tan but as it turns out, at least so far, I am actually enjoying having somewhere to be. I am by no means saying that I would mind staying in bed for an extra two hours or so, but I find more and more that once I get to my desk and am greeted by the morning sun that streams through my office window and onto my face, I am pretty happy here.

I am halfway through my fourth week of full-time work and I feel very fortunate to have found this job. I don't dread walking in the door in the morning and I don't even mind coming back after I have been home for lunch. (Any other time that I actually went home for lunch, I almost had to be dragged back to work because the allure of my pillow was almost too much to take.) It helps that this job isn't at all like the last office job I had and the people here are actually really nice. There are only 23 employees and everyone seems to genuinely like everyone else. (With the exception of one chick who everyone thinks is replusive. I learned this on my second day when I spoke with Da Beat who worked here a couple of years ago. Small world!) So, I basically just stay away from her whenever possible. She sort of smells bad.

Anyway, that's the update on the job front. Things are going well. FINALLY.

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