Hell and High School

I've started getting a ridiculous number of myspace messages about my ten-year high school reunion and it is sort of making me want to kill myself.

First of all, the messages I am getting are...like...from people I have never seen before in my life (or I just smoked too much pot when I was in high school, but it really could go either way, it was a big school). I am starting to think that they just hired random people who did not go to my high school to send out these messages and keep us all on our toes.

Secondly, this whole situation is making me feel really fucking old. I don't want to go and hang out with people that I disliked ten years ago. Chances are, I will still dislike them. Maybe even more now than I did then.

Thirdly, they are holding the reuinion at a restaurant. There were over 500 people in my graduating class and I sincerely doubt that a little restaurant is going to hold the entire class and their spouses. Lucky for me, I wouldn't have to cart one of those deadweights around if I were going.

Lastly, said restaurant belongs to a dude I used to get high and randomly make out with. We were friends who acted like were married. I once put my cigarette out in his breakfast.

All of this sounds like hell. Pure hell. I haven't moved out of the state or even really out of the city and honestly, if I like you enough to want to see you, I WILL SEE YOU. But I don't need a damn reunion to do so.

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